Writing is my passion! . Thanks again!

Hello All,

I have to say this has been an exciting Summer , as an aspiring writer.  Throughout the social media I have been able to connect with so many authors of all types and gain so much knowledge of how to work on my craft.   I want to say thanks to all my followers on facebook, tweeter, and linked in.  I also have to give praise to The World Literary Cafe (WLC Community) and their platform to pave it forward to aspiring writers such as myself.  Melissa Foster and the many great Authors that I have been able to connect with have been so helpful.  I have to say this platform along with others like the Exhange Fan page, started by Victoria AldridgeWashuk  have allowed me to gain more of a following.  However, there are many authors that have supported me and I want to say Thanks.   Melissa Foster from day one you have only extended yourself and you always encourage authors to pay it forward.   Micheal Rivers thanks for your suport as well, along with Emerald Barnes, Christine Cunningham, Rachelle Ayala,  Leslie Garcia, Stacy Eaton and  There are so many others.  I also want to say thanks to The Book doctors, David Henry Sterry and his lovely Wife arielle eckstut whom I was able to connect with on  "The  Pitchapalooza Contest" through the World Literary Cafe.  I really appreciate all the insights that I am still learning.  I also want to thank all the followers to my blog.    There are so many new things   I have been able to learn and that has helped me to  explore my creativity .  The reason being is that aside from working on my first book and drafting it, I have also been able to write some short stories and enter into some Writing Contests one on Linked in with a Writer's Group led by another great author  Heather Schuldtz.  I would also like to extend my thanks to my family, My husband Jeremy and my three children along with great friends and siblings that have believed in me from the very start, and also my strong faith which has never let me down.

Throughout this summer, what I have discovered is that I am so sure that Writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I have so much love  for what I am doing.    Throughout all the ups and downs,
I have realized that if you want something, you have to keep fighting and do not give up on it.  Writing is my passion!

Thanks again,

Syl Stein


  1. Sylvia, you are more than welcome. In reality, you have have been wonderfully supportive as well. Wishing you nothing but the best in your writing career. ~ Micheal

  2. Dear Micheal,

    Thanks so much Micheal, means alot and wishing you the best also!

    Syl Stein


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