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Excerpt of Battered Mind Hidden Scars...

Excerpt of Battered Mind Part one:
The Scars of my past

As I sit here and wonder about my life, I am confused as to what led me to this 
place.   I mean am I supposed to know why everyone is looking at me like I am 
some sort of monster.    I look at all of my surroundings, and I have no 
recollection of anything.   So why am I here?  Can Someone please tell me?

“Oh you know why you are here!”  “You can’t deny it anymore!”

Huh? Who Said that?  Goodness on top of   being confused, now I am going nuts 

“Come on Sadie!”  Own up to it!”   
Who freaking said that?  Answer me!  Well I thought I heard something, but I 
guess I am just letting all of this get to me now.  

“Sadie, you know you killed him! “ You know you did!”
Stop!  Stop!  Come on I am tired!   Please leave me alone!

all Copyright by Sylvia Stein 2014