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Looking for Beta Readers

After writing and publishing a few anthologies with a great team of authors, I am excited to announce that I am approaching the final stages to publishing my first novella entitled, Closure.
Here is when hard work and fun meet. Before Closure receives its final edit, and sent to print, I need some Beta Readers to read and provide honest feedback.
For those who have followed my blog, you know I have been working tirelessly on this piece since last year, and now it is in the hands of my editor.
If you are interested in reading and providing honest feedback (prior to print); please contact me.
Below is a brief synopsis. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for all your support!
Closure Synopsis: Story Summary: Sara James was an only child who loved the world and life. Sadly, her world came to a screeching halt upon the news of her mother’s tragic death. Devastated by the loss of his wife, Garrison neglects his daughter and turns to the bottle for solace. Desperate to feel loved and wanted, S…