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Coming soon in February 2014

Hello everyone,

First of all I just wanted to say Thanks to all of you who have supported by page.   I really am thankful to all my followers!

I am excited to share some very exciting news.  For the past seven months I have been working on my very first solo Novella which I have titled, " Closure".

This story began in one of my writing classes.  However after talking with a very good friend and writer I was convinced   that this story needed to be told.  Therefore, I began with a few chapters and then it expanded into a novella.

Closure is the story of Sara James who after experiencing the death of her beloved mother Lila as a child then has to endure abuse and negelct from her father Garrison who becomes a drunk after the devastating loss of his wife.  This story details the journey that Sara endures as a child and througout her youth and later into womanhood.  Sara is left reeling from the abuse and then is able to escape and rebuild her life. Sadly, once she begins to pic…