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Happy New Year 2013

Hello All,

I really hope you all had a great Christmas and holiday season so far,  at this time, I wanted to take the time and wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2013!    I have to say that I am very grateful for this past year 2012, all the ups and downs but most of all I am grateful for my family- husband and children and also my in-laws, my family and friends  back in Brownsville, Midland, Michigan, Houston and Austin, and also to all my author friends on facebook, twitter, linked in, World Literary Cafe, Melissa's Awesome Support Team, Exchange Fan page, Goodreads, wordpress, blogger, google, yahoo etc.   Thanks for everything!  I have learned so much for all of you!  I am extremely blessed and I appreciate all my followers on facebook, twitter, linked in, google, etc.   Thanks again!   A Big shout out to best selling author  Melissa Foster thanks for all you have done for all of us, the way you pave it forward for all of us Aspiring Writers, Authors, Readers is just so amazi…

The Secret of the old Church

The Old Church :  The Secret of the Old Church
                 By Sylvia Stein 
                 Fuquay, North Carolina 

As the old woman walked to the corridor of the Old Church, a vast of memories began to 
overwhelm her. .  She took a deep breath, and then smiled.   “ Are you okay Grandma?” said 
a younger man.  “ Oh, she paused,  I will be okay my darlin!”  she said as she tried to hold back 
her tears.    
 The Old Church had been a reminder of so many things for the old woman.  In this 
building she had met the love of her life.  His name was Antonio Grimaldi and no one knew that 
he had been her first and one true love.    “ Are you sure you can make it Mom, called another 
woman’s voice.  “ Yes, Miranda, hunny, I am going to be fine!” she assured them.   
But Miranda, her daughter knew that her mother was not going to be fine.  Of all her children 
and grandchildren she was the only one who knew of the Secret of The Old Church and what this 
building represented…

Excerpt of Battered Mind Hidden Scars...

Excerpt of Battered Mind Part one:
The Scars of my past

As I sit here and wonder about my life, I am confused as to what led me to this 
place.   I mean am I supposed to know why everyone is looking at me like I am 
some sort of monster.    I look at all of my surroundings, and I have no 
recollection of anything.   So why am I here?  Can Someone please tell me?

“Oh you know why you are here!”  “You can’t deny it anymore!”

Huh? Who Said that?  Goodness on top of   being confused, now I am going nuts 

“Come on Sadie!”  Own up to it!”   
Who freaking said that?  Answer me!  Well I thought I heard something, but I 
guess I am just letting all of this get to me now.  

“Sadie, you know you killed him! “ You know you did!”
Stop!  Stop!  Come on I am tired!   Please leave me alone!

all Copyright by Sylvia Stein 2014

My honorable mention from short Story place...

Just Around the Corner:  “The Show Must Go On!”
By Sylvia Stein
Raleigh, North Carolina

As Cassandra packed her belongings, tears began rolling down her face.  As much as 
she tried to fight it, it all led back to one person.   
“Damn it! “ she shouted.  Then as she said this, she fell to the floor and began sobbing 
uncontrollably.  “ Oh, I just can’t do this!”
As she lay there motionless for a few minutes that felt like never ending hours, she 
thought of the good times.   
 “Oh Reed, how am I supposed to go on without you?”  As she said this to herself, she 
saw in the corner of her room what appeared to be a letter.    
Cassandra was scared of reading the contents of the letter. As she deliberated about 
whether or not to read it, a sudden image appeared before her. At first she thought it 
was a hallucination or that maybe she was seeing a ghost.  
“Oh, come on Cassandra,” she said suddenly.  “Get it together!”
 “Okay, I am about to read this letter now!”  she added. “ Please stop…”

 My d…

My honorable mention story: Just Around the Corner

Hello all,

I was informed that my story on Short Story Place- was honored with an honorable mention for the theme in August : Just Around the Corner and my Story is called " The Show must go on!  I wanted to share my story with everyone.  As an aspiring writer, this was very big, and I am so glad I have the support of all my family, friends, and Colleagues that support me, but above all my strong faith in God which also carries me.  A big shout out to Melissa Foster's Awesome Support Team,  Melissa Foster and her  World Literary Cafe (WLC Community) who make it possible to be inspired to write everyday!  My Wonderful Writer's group on Linked in headed by Heather Schuldz, Micheal Rivers, Belinda Wausenhausen, Emerald Barnes, Stacy Eaton, Amy Manemann, Victoria Aldridge Washuk, Clare Ayala, and so many other Authors who have done nothing but given me their support from day one.    Thank you for all the support.. I hope you like my story!

Short Story Place-August 2012  “Just …