Happy New Year 2013

Hello All,

I really hope you all had a great Christmas and holiday season so far,  at this time, I wanted to take the time and wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2013!    I have to say that I am very grateful for this past year 2012, all the ups and downs but most of all I am grateful for my family- husband and children and also my in-laws, my family and friends  back in Brownsville, Midland, Michigan, Houston and Austin, and also to all my author friends on facebook, twitter, linked in, World Literary Cafe, Melissa's Awesome Support Team, Exchange Fan page, Goodreads, wordpress, blogger, google, yahoo etc.   Thanks for everything!  I have learned so much for all of you!  I am extremely blessed and I appreciate all my followers on facebook, twitter, linked in, google, etc.   Thanks again!   A Big shout out to best selling author  Melissa Foster thanks for all you have done for all of us, the way you pave it forward for all of us Aspiring Writers, Authors, Readers is just so amazing, thanks for all you do!  I have met some Amazing Authors and People through the World Literary Cafe, Melissa's Awesome Support Team, Linked In Writers Group with Heather Schuldz- Exchange Fan Page, Good Reads and also Wordpress, Blogger and so many other great blogs.   Thanks so much for all your support!  I wanted to extend a shout out to the following Authors:  Emerald Barnes, Michael Rivers, Stacy Eaton, Van Heerling, Tina Boscha, Chrisitine Cunningham, Leslie Garcia  and to all my team on Melissa's Awesome Support Team!  You all are so amazing!  Also a big thank you to David Henry Sterry and arielle eckstut (The Book Doctors) thanks for the advice!  Last but not least  I also wanted to send a big thank you to Heather  Schuldz and our Writer's group- We have an Anthology coming out this coming year and I can not wait !  Thanks again  for all the support of my family and friends!  I wanted just take the time to Wish you all a very Happy 2013!  Have a very blessed and great one!
Sylvia Stein


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