Excerpt : John Marshall Law School

The day finally arrived.  I  was going to be attending John Marshall Law School in Atlanta.   
This was one of the proudest moments of my father’s life.   He was absolutely thrilled, that his 
only child, a daughter had been accepted.    This made my father very happy and he just thought 
it was so poetic, that I would soon be a member of such an elite group as he was. 
After all, my father Jackson Martin had been an alumni of John Marshall Law School and 
maintained a perfect 4.0 gpa and had been one of the top in his class.   He always wanted 
to keep his legacy going and now all eyes were on me.   
I was excited in being able to finally start at John Marshall so that I could finally have my 
freedom or so I thought.
You see my father did not like the fact that I had chosen to live with my boyfriend Dante 
Caryle.  He was furious and always had his reservations about our relationship.  
To say that my father and I were at a crossroads is an understatement.  I for the life of me
just did not understand, his way of thinking.   I mean I loved my father but his constant 
put down of my own relationship, began to play a number on me. 
“ This dark path I walk alone... 
 always in torture because of the reminders
of the past”.
“Will I ever be able to break the chains”?


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  3. This is interesting. I look forward to reading more.


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