“ Sadie why are you acting up”?  “Why are you trembling, please let 
me help you”.  
  The room got pitched dark and Sadie felt the room begin to spin rapidly.  
“ Stay away from me Dante”, “ “ or I swear I will kill you”.   “ You have 
hurt me for the very last time”.  
As she said this Dante tried to walk quietly towards her.   
“ Please baby- Why don’t you let me call the doctor so he can help 
After a brief silence- Sadie grabs a gun.   
“ Sadie  please put the gun down”, he said urgently.   “Please baby, 
don’t do this”!   “ Give me the gun, okay, I promise you darlin, we can 
get through this”, he said in a stern tone. 
“ No Dante”, don’t try to make me forget all you have done to me”!  
 As Sadie cried out, her thoughts began to run away with her.     As she looked down, 
at the 9 mm  gun she had in her hand, her nose began to bleed.   Then suddenly 
her vision got very blurry.   She could hear her baby girl’s  cry and all of a sudden the 
room began  to move  in different directions.   She could barely hear Dante’s voice.   
His brown eyes were fading.    All of a sudden she begins to tumble down and a gun
shot goes off ...    


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