Excerpt of Chapter 4 : Battered Mind

Chapter 4  Revisiting the past
The blood was all over the rug, and the 9mm gun had been found at the crime scene 
and after much investigating the forensic team came to the realization that the 
deceased was shot multiple times.  However, the most important piece of the evidence 
according to Detective Scalia was the small recorded tape that had been found in Dante 
Carlyle’s belongings.  After much deliberating with the tape all night, she decided to 
take it to her superiors to determine if the tape was legit.   In order, for her to get a 
clearer perspective she decided to listen to it again.
  As she was getting ready to listen to the crucial and potential evidence , her phone 
 began to ring.   
“  Scalia here, she stated.  “ Yes is this Detective Nadia Scalia”?   said a man’s voice over 
the phone.   “Yes I am her, how can I help you”?  She answered in a curious tone.   
“ This is doctor Adam Frasier  at Raleigh General.   “ I just wanted to inform you that we 
are running a psychiatric evaluation for Sadie Carlyle and she is being taken to St.
Catherine of Sienna’s so they can run that evaluation”.   
“ What do you mean a psych evaluation”!   “ I thought you said her condition was critical!, she 
answered in a demanding tone.   
“ Listen detective she is still very fragile and delicate, however in order to help her and 
have her answer our questions, we need to see where her frame of mind is in.” 
“ Okay Doc now I am curious,  did something happen with Ms. Carlyle that led you 
to that decision”. 
“ Well we did have difficulty with her, last night.  She kept thinking we were trying to hurt 
her, and with the seriousness of her injuries, I think it is also possibly she is struggling  
with the battered woman’s syndrome”.  
“ Oh I see” so how long will she be at that facility, she said in a frustrated tone.  “ Just for 
a couple of days”  he said.  “However, if Dr. Thompson finds something more, he will let 
us know how to best treat her”, he continued.   “Okay,  well thanks for the update on Ms. 
Carlyle’s condition” said the Detective.   As the detective hung up the phone, she began to get 
even more frustrated.  Therefore,  she quickly grabbed  all her files and hurried back to the 
Back in Sadie’s room  the nurses were preparing to take her to the psych evaluation at 
St. Sienna’s.   She had finally gotten some sleep and was still resting comfortably when 
Dr. Frasier stepped in the room.   He then very lightly called to her without startling her. 
“ Ms. Carlyle” he said.   “I am Doctor Adam Frasier and I wanted to know if you can tell 
me what you remember”.   As he spoke,  Sadie began to once again open her eyes
very slowly.   He could not help but admire her piercing blue eyes, that looked so pale
from all of the crying and screaming she had done the night before. 
“  I am here because I was beaten by a monster”, she cried out.  “He was trying to hurt 
me and then I had to kill him”.   “He deserved it”! she then added, “ I had to protect my daughter, 
or he was going to hurt the both of us”!   
As she began to tell the doctor what happened, flashbacks came into her head once 
“ This agony and pain you have placed me in, will be no more”!
“ You will pay and I will destroy you!, “I will have my revenge”!


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