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Writing tips with Author Sylvia Stein

Description and Setting

My name is Author Sylvia Stein and on this segment and on my blog post I want to talk about Writing tips for Writers and Authors.Every week I will be bringing you an important writing tip to help guide and develop on one’s writing.For example, for this week we will begin on On the book by author Ron Rozelle entitled, Description & Setting:Techniques and exercises for crafting abelievable world of people, places and events.
For today we are focusing on the difference between showing and telling p. 63 from Rozelle’s book,”
He uses a sample in which he writes, Consider this statement:
A good time was had by all.
Then Ron Rozelle goes a step further and he then goes onto talk about a passage from Toni Morrison’s novel Sula:
The following is an excerpt of Morrison’s novel:
Old People were dancing with little children.Young boys with their sisters, and the church women who frowned on any bodily expression of joy except (when the hand of God commanded it) ta…