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Description and Setting 

My name is Author Sylvia Stein and on this segment and on my blog post I want to talk about Writing tips for Writers and Authors.   Every week I will be bringing you an important writing tip to help guide and develop on one’s writing.    For example, for this week we will begin on
On the book by author Ron Rozelle entitled, Description & Setting:  Techniques and exercises for crafting a   believable world of people, places and events. 

For today we are focusing on the difference between showing and telling p. 63 from Rozelle’s book,”

He uses a sample in which he writes, Consider this statement:

A good time was had by all.

Then Ron Rozelle goes a step further and he then goes onto talk about a passage from Toni Morrison’s novel Sula:

The following is an excerpt of Morrison’s novel:

Old People were dancing with little children.  Young boys with their sisters, and the church women who frowned on any bodily expression of joy except (when the hand of God commanded it) tapped their feet. Somebody (the groom’s father, everybody said) had poured a whole pint jar of cane liquor into the punch, so even the men who did not sneak out the back door to have a shot, as well as the women who let nothing stronger than Black Draught enter their blood, were tipsy.  A small boy stood at the Victoria turning its handle and smiling at the sound of Bert William’s “Save a Little Dram for me.”

Next Rozelle posts the next questions taken from his book page 63: 

Which of the two descriptions on page 63, Does more for you as a reader?

Then he tells us that, “I’ll bet you chose the longer one, unless you’re one of those people who likes to be different just for the heck of it-one of those go-against the grain sorts.

The main point from this section is: “In terms of what you end of knowing about this celebration, they both do exactly the same thing.   We as the reader as he points out end up, both times, realizing that a good time was had by all.”

So then why should we then choose as he points out “opt for the longer one when the snippet fills the bill?

This is another good point.   So why then?   Rozelle then adds, “Brevity doesn’t usually fill the bill for a writer or- much more to the point- for a reader.”

I will be bringing you more writing tips on my blog on weekly basis.    I hope you will check them out. 

Here is the book by Roselle:  

Be sure to get your copy next week we will go over more on his book.  

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