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The Secret of the old Church

The Old Church :  The Secret of the Old Church
                 By Sylvia Stein 
                 Fuquay, North Carolina 

As the old woman walked to the corridor of the Old Church, a vast of memories began to 
overwhelm her. .  She took a deep breath, and then smiled.   “ Are you okay Grandma?” said 
a younger man.  “ Oh, she paused,  I will be okay my darlin!”  she said as she tried to hold back 
her tears.    
 The Old Church had been a reminder of so many things for the old woman.  In this 
building she had met the love of her life.  His name was Antonio Grimaldi and no one knew that 
he had been her first and one true love.    “ Are you sure you can make it Mom, called another 
woman’s voice.  “ Yes, Miranda, hunny, I am going to be fine!” she assured them.   
But Miranda, her daughter knew that her mother was not going to be fine.  Of all her children 
and grandchildren she was the only one who knew of the Secret of The Old Church and what this 
building represented…