The Secret of the old Church

  The Old Church :  The Secret of the Old Church


                 By Sylvia Stein 

                 Fuquay, North Carolina 

As the old woman walked to the corridor of the Old Church, a vast of memories began to 

overwhelm her. .  She took a deep breath, and then smiled.   “ Are you okay Grandma?” said 

a younger man.  “ Oh, she paused,  I will be okay my darlin!”  she said as she tried to hold back 

her tears.    

 The Old Church had been a reminder of so many things for the old woman.  In this 

building she had met the love of her life.  His name was Antonio Grimaldi and no one knew that 

he had been her first and one true love.    “ Are you sure you can make it Mom, called another 

woman’s voice.  “ Yes, Miranda, hunny, I am going to be fine!” she assured them.   

But Miranda, her daughter knew that her mother was not going to be fine.  Of all her children 

and grandchildren she was the only one who knew of the Secret of The Old Church and what this 

building represented to her mother.   This had happened about a year ago, that Miranda found her 

Alessandra crying while holding a newspaper clipping.  At first she thought the clipping was of 

her deceased father John who had passed away two years prior.   However to Miranda’s dismay 

it turned out that the clipping her mother held so close was of Antonio.  “ Mother who is this man 

that you cry for?’ she asked in a curious tone.  “ Oh my dear,  I am so sorry!”, she cried out.  

Thereafter, Miranda learned that Antonio Grimaldi was the first and one true love of her mother’s 

life, but sadly the Spanish War  had come and he had been one of the casualties.  Then  

Alessandra had tried to rebuild her life with John Maxwell, and was grateful for a second chance 

at love.  But sadly,in her heart there was still a big part that belonged to Antonio.   

 Now in the present, Miranda knew what The Old Church meant to her mother.  As they walked 

closer to it, Alessandra began to drift away in time.   Her memories went back to when she first 

met  Antonio.  She had just turned 20 and was attending a Catholic University in Castille Spain

Alessandra had grown up with a very religious family and so faith was also very important to her 

as well.  Therefore, there in the Church of San Vicente in the City of Madrid Spain she met 

Antonio Grimaldi, who was serving in the Military.  It only took one look and they both fell in 

love.  Sadly, there love was put to many tests from the very start, since his first duty was to 

serve and protect and that meant that his life was also placed in danger.  But somehow 

Alessandra and Antonio always tried to focus on each other.    

Back in the present, tears began to overtake the older woman once again.   She paused for a 

moment.  Then as she began to walk through the huge dusty doors, she began to see Antonio’s 

face on every corner, calling to her.  “ My Alessandra, I love you, he smiled.  It was strange, 

but a huge gust of wind, came pouring through the corridor doors of the Old and now abandon 

Church it was almost as if  Antonio’s spirit began to overtake the room.    “ Goodness!”, said an 

alarmed Miranda, “ Is everyone okay?” she continued.  “ Yes Mom”!, called her son Alex who 

had decided to accompany them, since they had received word that the Old Church was going to 

be demolished.    The thought of it gone,  came to bear to much pain on Alessandra.  She had 

lived all of her life in Castille.   She had always been able to take a drive to Madrid and find the 

Church of San Vicente ( St. Vincent) and know that it would always hold a special place in her 

heart.  Sadly, the news of the Old Church being demolished felt like someone had come and 

ripped a piece of the old woman’s heart and she was not about to let that happen. 

After awhile, Miranda called out to her son.  “ Alex, Why don’t we give Grandma some time 

so that she can say her goodbyes!”  As Alex looked at his mother, they both smiled at each 

other.   “ Yes Mom!”, he said anxiously.  Then they both walked to the other side of the church.

As soon as Alessandra knew that both her daughter and grandson had officially stepped  away, 

she began to feel a big presence.   “ Oh Antonio my love!” she cried.  “ I will always cherish

the times that we spent loving one another!”   she added.   Then after awhile, she began to 

hear a piano ballad playing as she recalled the times they both had sat at Church.  Then 

Alessandra envisioned Antonio smiling at her as she sang in the church choir.  As the sequence

of the images became more and more real, she began to envision Antonio calling out to her.   

“Dance with Me Alessandra”, one more time.  Please Dance with me”! he called out to her.  As 

Antonio called out to her, she saw herself turn back into that young girl.   Their dance seemed to 

have lasted to what seemed for hours.   However, just as the clock in the Old Abandon Church hit 

the evening hour it started to ring.  The sound was so loud, that suddenly Alessandra came back 

to the present.  “ Mom are you ready to go?”  called her daughter.  “Yes, she let out a sad sigh.  

However, just as she stepped out from the church, she began to cry out loudly.  “ Oh I am so 

sorry Miranda and Alex, she stated.  She then added, “ You must think I am being so foolish to 

still be in so much pain for this man!”  “No grandma, said Alex.  “ On the contrary, we truly 

respect the fact that you were able to try and move forward with your life!”.   “ Yes Mom, please

do not apologize, added her daughter Miranda.    “ I know you loved Daddy, but Antonio was 

your first love!”

“ Thank you Miranda and Alex!” said a calmer Alessandra.   As she walked out the door, she 

began to smile once again.  Sadly, after a few months later Miranda and the rest of her siblings 

said their last goodbyes to their Beloved Mother, and Grandmother.   She had died of cardiac 

arrest after contracting the flu.

However, for Miranda and Alex, the image of Alessandra always came to them in a dream where 

they would see her singing in the choir as she smiled to her beloved Antonio.  For in this life 

and the after The Secret of The Old Church would live within them forever. 

The End


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