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Cover reveal for Chasing Clarity

Hello my name is Sylvia Stein and my new Novel Chasing Clarity will be out in Spring  of 2015.    This week I will be having the cover reveal of Chasing Clarity by the amazing and talented Natasha Brown.   I hope you enjoy it .

What happens when you lose the love of your life and are left to pick up the pieces? Mia Gerard is about to find out. Mia has just lost Leo Dancy, her best friend and soul mate. His absence seems unbearable, but suddenly, an opportunity that she can’t turn down arises. She’s offered a teaching position in The New York Dance Academy of Performing Arts. At first, she’s overwhelmed, still dealing with the loss of Leo. But eventually, she allows herself to heal when she meets Henry Watson, a painter with aspirations of having his own exhibit one day, or does she? As Mia and Henry become closer, Henry develops feelings for Mia, but she’s still unable to love. When Henry can’t have what he wants, he decides to move back to London with his agent and friend, Trina Micha…