Excerpt : Sadies Narration Copyright 2014 by Sylvia Stein

As I sit here and wonder about my life, and what has led to this moment, I can 
still recall all the wonderful things that I was able to achieve, I mean I attended law School 
at John Marshall in Atlanta, it was where my father attended school.   This is what 
he wanted for me all my life to follow in his footsteps.
I mean, I came from a very good family- my father being the best criminal lawyer in all of 
Atlanta, and my mother one of the most known and most well respected women with all 
her involvements in her charity work with the Women of Atlanta which handled all 
causes related to The Atlanta Children’s Hospitals.   
But you may be wondering is this was  was all supposed to be so easy for me, and I was 
going to achieve all of my dreams and attend law school and then become a very 
successful District Attorney and eventually find that right person to settle down and 
have a family.  
Sadly, that did not happen, and I find myself in the situation I am now.  How you may ask?  
Easy, I chose to be smitten by a man I thought was my soul mate, and he consumed all of 
me.   He was a devil is disguise and I gave into his muscular body and enchanting brown 
eyes, let’s face it, he had me from the very start and the mind blowing sex was the best 
part!  I loved how when he came around I forgot all about my responsibilities and I could 
be set free to do as I pleased.   
However, this relationship began to feel more like an addiction and then I began to  forget 
about what I wanted to achieve.  I only thought of pleasing him.  I decided when we got 
married that I was not going to finish law school, but stay home to raise a family.  I 
really believed that is what Dante wanted for me.   He always said, family was everything.  
Then, I realized his love was unkind and he became the person I most feared.   He began to 
come home later and later.  I knew that him being a lawyer was demanding, but he started 
to become abusive verbally and then physically.   He was impossible to live with!  
I did not know how to get out of this situation.   So one day, I snapped.   He was 
going to come after me anyways!  He was not who I thought he was.   He was a lying 
ass who’s sole purpose was to  destroy me.  He came at me one night,   So I had to do 
what was best for not only me, but also for our infant little girl. 
 So you all want to know what happened on the night of May 27, 2010.   Well, 
come and take a walk with me. 


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