Sadie Martin awoke in a state of despair.  Her eyes were felt like they had been punched over and over again.  As she began to try and open them, she struggled to remember what had happened.    As she began to look around her, she noticed that she was lying in a metal brass bed.   Then, as things began to get more clear, she noticed she was hooked up to some noisy monitors.  As she she looked around the large room, she overheard all the  different voices.   Then she came to the realization that she was in a hospital and immediately began screaming very loudly.  She was so out of control that a strong sedative was required to calm her down.   After all she had bitten one of the new nurses, and it had taken a total of 4 residents along with the head doctor in charge of the emergency room to stop her.    As soon as the sedative kicked in, Sadie began hallucinating.  She was so far from reality, that it was not evident if everything she was dreaming was actually real  or just a bad nightmare.   


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