excerpt: Prologue

Sadie sat on her hospital bed wondering how she got there.   She looked all around the large room, and began to place her arm on the cold metal brass of the bed.   She noticed how the nurses would come in and out the door.  As she layed,there quietly, her heart began to race rather rapidly.  It only took a few minutes before all that had transpired the night before came back to her.   Suddenly, she began to scream very loudly.
The loud screams overwhelmed the entire floor.   It did not take very long for the hospital staff to come into her room.  As they tried to calm Sadie down, she tried to get away by kicking and trying to bite the nurses in the room. After a period of what seemed forever, a male nurse came in and gave her a sedative to calm her down.    Sadie again seemed like she was in another world.  She could not grasp what was happening to her.    It all appeared so confusing and she felt as if it was in a nightmare. Later, everything began to get hazy again.   


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