Thanks .... This has been a dream come true

This has been a very exciting year for me as a Writer and now a published author.    I was fortunate to join a Writer's group on linked in last August 2012, where I met the incredible Heather Marie Schuldt and it has been so amazing to have gotten to know her and her fabulous Writer's group on Linked in entitled Writer's at   I am happy to report that through them we have grown and have three Anthologies of which two are now on Amazon.  I happy to say that the second Anthology entitled, " Giant Tales from the Misty Swamp is out now as a kindle e- book.   This has been a dream come true.  I also have to send a shout out to all the fabulous Writer's of this incredible group which has helped me only enhance my Writing skills along with our fabulous leader Heather.  Thank you!

However, there are so many people to thank.  First and foremost God for his continued guidance and love.   My wonderful and supportive husband Jeremy and my three beautiful children which inspire me everyday.   My wonderful mother in law Kathie Stein whom also showed me that when you love something so much you never give up on it and you keep at it.   I also see all the hard work in my wonderful father in law Dale day in and day out.     Also to the people who taught me all about hard work and applying myself my beloved grandparents Consuelo and Francisco Delgado (who will always be in my heart.  Also to my parents Catarina D. Villarreal ( who is such a strong person and never gives up even when things are grimm.   Love you Mom!    Also to my Dad Ramon Olivares Sr.  who taught me the love of song and inspires me to create stories from the love of music.   Miss you too Dad( and you are also in my heart.

Also to my best friend Eloisa Vanessa Flores who has been with me through it all.  Thank you for also being there my friend and sister for life.  

To my siblings I love you all and thanks for your support especially my sister Francis.  Thanks so much.  

Also to the family back home in Brownsville, Midland and Michigan and to all the friends in social


I also want to extend a big shout out to Melissa Foster!   She was one of the first people I connected with on social media.   Melissa is not only a big successful author she is a wonderful person inside and out.  She paves the way for her readers and other authors and writer's and encourages you to believe and keep on writing.

I met so many great people through the women's nest, World literary Cafe, Melissa's Awesome Support Team and Fostering Success.   Wow there are no words to describe how grateful I am for all she has done and for meeting such amazing authors which I can honestly call my friends.

Thanks for always encouraging Melissa's Awesome Support Team I truly respect and love all of you!  You all have been so kind and so encouraging of my work.   Thank you all!

I also wanted to thank for all those that have supported my Anthologies and my writing page which are other colleagues and my readers.

 I want to send a big shout out also to the awesome  Tammie Clarke Gibbs and her amazing Virtual e-book fair and also to all those authors and Readers who support it.

 I also want to send a big thank you to The Book Doctors David Henry Sterry who encouraged me to get involved in a Writer's group and his lovely wife arielle eckstut for also encouraging me to keep writing and was so helpful in her mentoring.   A big thanks to Victoria Walchuk and The Exchange Fan page.   Also to author Michael Ri

Finally thanks to all the readers, writer's and authors and my followers.   This has been a dream come
true and always keep on writing and never give up!

Sylvia Stein


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