Chapter : " The Normal Life"

Sadie awoke early in the morning and started to prepare breakfast, she wanted all to be ready by 
the time Dante came back from his morning run.  It was important for her to make sure that 
everything looked amazing.   After all she was now a happily married woman, who just had her 
mind set on making her new hubby happy and try and live “ The normal life”. 
After all it had been a rough four months for her and not only had she decided to take a year off 
from Law School.  Sadie had also  eloped with Dante and did not even allow her parents to plan 
her a proper wedding.   
Unfortuntely,  for Sadie this  was the last straw for both her parents.   Her mother Lila  felt like 
Sadie had slapped her in the face with a cup of  humiliation.   After all, she was part of an elite 
group called   “The women of Atlanta”, and  to have everyone know that her only daughter had 
decided to elope just did not sit well with her.       “ My own daughter, embarrassing  us,  how 
dare you"!  said a very distraught  Lila Reece Martin.    “ Have you gone mad, yelled her father, “ 
what is going on in that head of yours"!   Those words were still lingering at her so strong.     
After all Jackson Martin had been known to be a baracuda in the court room and he had 
established himself  as  one of the very  best Criminal lawayer’s in the state of Atlanta, and 
other’s perceived him as a very harsh man.  For that reason it was a deep regret that his only 
daughter hurt him in that manner.     Sadie was the only one  who brought out his very soft side.   
As Sadie tried to place all the silver ware on the table, tears began to roll down her face.   As  she 
began to think to herself, “ Oh Daddy, I did not mean to hurt you, but I love Dante and he loves 
me”.   “ I wish you would of been happy for us”, she stated to herself.  


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