Chapter 3 Excerpt:

Sadie lay motionless in the hospital bed as doctors ran tests on her.   Her body was 
covered in bruises and all the necessary precautions  were being taken  to determine if she had
any internal bleeding.   The room where she layed was quiet and it was when she  and 
began to dream.   
“Sadie why are you acting up and why are you trembling, “Please let me help      
“ Stay away from me Dante or I swear I will kill you”!   
“No! Please stop stop!  She said loudly.    “Help me! somebody help me”!  
As Detective Scalia made her way into question the attending Doctor for Ms.  Carlyle , 
she got the call from the lab, which confirmed that Dante Carlyle had been shot multiple 
times.   The first blow came to the head and the next to his abdomen.   The gun in 
question was a 9 mm that was found in the outside pool.   


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