Voices new excerpt..

Sadie Carlyle awoke in a state of despair when she awoke from the hospital.  She 
immediately began screaming very loudly.  She was so out of control that a strong 
sedative was required to calm her down.   Her long red hair looked so dry, as she layed 
in the hospital bed.   Her eyes looked so pale as they began to close slowly.   Her 
emotions were so intense that you cold see the puffiness in her face from all the 
hysterical crying.   It was so hard to believe that Sadie was once a captivating blue eyed
red head that captivated a room with her profound beauty.   As she lay in her bed, her 
nose began to bleed...   
  “Here he comes again screaming at me always  terrifying me why can’t he see that it is hurting me”! 
Mrs. Carlyle! , Mrs. Carlyle!  called a man in a dark suit.  Yes,  she said as the man began 
to question her.   
“Can you please tell us what happened on the night of May 27, 2010?
As she began to recall that night, her mind began to drift away once again. 
“Always terrifying me why can’t he see that he is hurting me”!
“Mrs. Carlyle, are you okay”? The man in the dark suit asked again.  


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