“ I am trapped in this dark hole,  “ I am trying to get out, but he does not allow me”, he is my enemy and I wish he was gone. 
“ Okay Sadie now why did you write this on your journal today and whom is this about.
“ This is about my husband Dante.   “
What do you mean Dante, and that he is your enemy?  said a puzzled Dr. Howard.
“ Dante is the one who has been beating me all this time, as Sadie fought back tears her nose began to bleed.
“  Why would Dante hurt you Sadie?, as dr. Howard waited for her to respond she noticed Sadie’s nose bleeding a bit stronger.
 “  Sadie do you want me to call Dr. Brewster to schedule an appointment for your nose bleeds.  
“ oh no Dr. Howard that will not be necessary.....   I have had nose bleeds since I was a child.
Oh I was not aware of that..  She said but then continued “ so these nose bleeds are normal to you.
“ Yes Doctor , and right now your concern should be on Dante my husband who is out to  kill me, because he wants custody of our daughter Keyla.
“ Keyla, you mean your infant daughter.  
“ Yes doctor my lovely baby girl.
( Dr. Howard heart begins to race.)   “ Sadie do you recall what happened last night?
“ ah yes doctor my husband took our daughter and now is trying to kill me so that he can keep her...   Sadie starts to cry. 
“  Sadie, listen to me now,  you need to stop this and you need to do it now!!!!


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