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Today I am bringing you another Writing tip for the week.   I am going to try to bring you one each week on this blog.   For today I am using a new Book I just got in the mail not too long ago.   As an indie author I am always looking for ways on how to improve in my writing and it also helps with editing skills as well.

For this week I am focusing on an amazing book by Amy Peters entitled, " The Writer's Devotional 365  Inspirational Exercises, Ideas, Tips & Motivations or Writing.   

This is one amazing book as it states in the back on the book"  Hone Your Writing Skills, Whether you're writing fiction, composing screenplays or poetry, or simply trying to keep a invaluable volume will get your creative juices flowing.   These 365 inspiring recommendations, quotations by authors from the distant past as well the recent bestseller lists, exercises, and more intended to help you develop your own singular voice, gain confidence,  and keep writing. 

( The Writer's Devotional 365 Inspirational Exercises, Ideas, Tips & Motivations on Writing. )

First week:  

page 4  


" The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want." 

Ben Stein 

Here Peters states the following:  page 4:

Sometimes the most sage and sound of advice is also the most straightforward.  Such is the case with the humorist, author,  and commentator Ben Stein's kernel of wisdom.    She adds, " There are times when the seemingly simple stuff can trip a person up.  You think you know the endgame but have you really defined your goals?

First off Peters states, " Begin by deciding what you want to achieve as a writer.  Have you always dreamed of writing a successful novel?  Or, do you have the desire to keep your writing to yourself cataloging family recipes or tracing your genealogy?  Maybe you want to master haiku or write for a local newspaper.

Amy Peters then states,  " Take the time to reflect and to delineate your writing desires.  Then put the goal in writing, determining a time frame for achieving your goal.  By defining what you want, you're creating a type of road map to follow, helping you to steer clear of distracting detours.  As baseball player Yogi Berra put it, if you don't know where you are going,  you might wind up someplace else."

This is the first of many tips that I will be sharing on this blog post.  


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