New Excerpt: Hidden Truths

It was a Monday Morning that mid day  in November.   Mr. Charles Mason, District 
attorney for the city of Raleigh in the state of North Carolina was informed he would be 
taking the case to court beginning November 15, 2010.   He was relieved to begin on 
this case.   Since the murder investigation had begun in May, all of the case was not 
processed and ready for trial until late September. Since the criminal investigation did 
not fully wrap up until late August.  There were many factors that were involved in this 
investigation.  However it was mostly due in part to the long psychiatric evaluations 
done to Mrs. Sadie Martin Carlyle and the fact that Dante’s parents fought to make sure 
the trial was not moved to Atlanta Georgia were Sadie was born and raised.   This was 
a very hard time for the Carlyle’s.   They were shocked at all that had transpired since 
their only son’s death.  They both felt that the supposed victim and their former daughter 
in law was not being truthful and that she had something to hide.   “  Our son is not the 
monster that the media had  portrayed him to be. ”  They both stated time and time 
again, after it was reported that Dante Carlyle a very successful attorney was beating 
his wife and she in turn had to defend herself and shot him in cold blood.   It was Mr. 
Mason’s job to prove to the jury that murder by any means was wrong.  He did receive 
all the physical and psychological exams that were done to Ms. Carlyle, however he 
also had all the information on how Dante was shot.  He could not ignore the 9 
mm weapon that was used and the fact he was shot multiple times.   As he looked
over the notes, and starting working away at how he was going to approach this case,  
he began to think of the innocent baby girl that was caught up in this tragic set of 
  He began his task by  re-reading  the statement that Sadie gave to the attending officers as she 
was being taken to the hospital.     “ Now I do not know what it is about this case he said to 
himself, but something is just not adding up.  He looked over the pictures of Dante at the scene 
of the crime, and also at the photos of Sadie. 
However,  the main thing that confused the District attorney him was the small recorded 
tape that was found in the deceased belongings.   As he played the recording,  he 
remembered the words that Detective Scalia shared.  “ Now Mr. Mason I can 
assure you that the recording  has  not been tampered and is  the actual 
recording of the scene of the crime.  Unfortunately,  for him the tape was 
in admissible in court.   However, just for his own purpose he decided to listen to it to 
gain a clearer perspective of  what it is that occurred.  
“ Sadie why are you trembling” , yelled a man’s voice.
 “ Please let me help you!”, he pleaded.
“ Stay away from Dante”, Sadie shouted. 
“ You have hurt us for the very last  time”.   
“ Please baby, let me help you, give me the gun, and 
let me call the doctor”, he cried out.   “ Oh Please stop this Dante” 
don’t make me sound like I am crazy.  “ You have hurt us for the 
very last time. “  “ Sadie please stop now, you are going to hurt us all” 
he yelled.  “ Enough is enough”!, he added.    
The tape had not ended yet, and already Charles Mason was noting , on what he was 
overhearing.   Chills ran up his skin as he overheard the gunshots go of, and then the 
louds screams of a baby girl crying in the back ground.   As he continued making notes,
his secretary Agnes, called out to him.   He was so wrapped up in what he was hearing 
that he did not see that she could also hear the ending of what the tape was playing. 
Ah!, Mr. Mason, she hollered in a most polite tone.   He immediately turned the tape of 
and directed his attention to her. 
“How long have you been standing there”, he said in a rather disturbed tone.   It’s been 
about a couple of minutes she answered in a rather nervous tone.  “ That is okay Agnes,
and I apologize.” He added, “ I am just trying to prepare for the trial and I was trying to gather 
some intake on to this case”.  Charles Mason had much respect for Agnes, she had been his 
secretary for almost eight years now and she was as hard working as they came.  “ I 
understand Mr. Mason, I just wanted to let you know that both  Mr. Jackson Martin and 
Ms. Miranda Hamilton need to set up a time to meet with you”.  
“ Okay so I know why I have to meet with Ms. Hamilton, did Jackson Martin say why he 
wanted to meet”?  He asked in a rather surprised tone. 
“I am sorry Sir,”  she added, “ He did not say”, Agnes replied.
“ Okay well thanks for the update Agnes”, He said as she walked back to her desk.
“Oh before you go Agnes”, He stated in a softer tone, , “Can you get Ms. Hamilton on the line 
for me”?
“Certainly Sir”, she added and then quickly dialed Ms. Hamilton’s number.
“Yes, “Good Morning this is Agnes Malloy, and I am calling from the District Attorney’s 
office, for Ms. Miranda Hamilton”.   As Charles Mason waited to be connected he 
replayed the last section of the tape, and he overheard when the gun let out the first 
shot.   He replayed it again, and then in the midst of it heard, Dante pleading once 
“ Sadie why are you doing this baby, I love you, and I can help you”!
Hmm, he whispered to himself, very interesting.   
“Mr.  Mason”, called Agnes,  “Ms. Hamilton is on line 1.    
“Okay I will take it from here Agnes, thank you”.   Agnes quickly returned to her desk and 
gave him a smile, as she handed him the phone. 
“Good morning Ms. Hamilton he said in a very upbeat manner”.   “Oh Good morning, 
Charles”, she quickly stated.   “Now how long have we known each other counselor,
she said in a rather offended term.  “Well I guess your right, he suddenly said as he took
a zip of coffee.  “ Now to the matter at hand, Miranda”.   After he said this to her he 
noticed her once cheery tone turned into a more serious one.  “ Okay Charles tell me 
what can I do for you today”.  “ Well Miranda”, he added, I think that given the 
circumstances of this rather complicated case, I want to petition the court
to let us use the tape that was found in the belongings of  Mr. Dante Carlyle”.
As he said this, you could sense the tension from Ms. Hamilton on the phone.   “ 
Miranda are you still there?  he called.   “ Ah yes Charles, I just had to take a moment to 
compose myself”.   “ Oh did I say something wrong counselor.   “Not at all , I just need to 
ask  my secretary to run an errand for me.   It will just take a second.   After a few 
minutes Miranda came back on the line.   “ Okay Charles, I just checked with the court
and primarily the judge who will be handling the case, and this tape will not be allowed 
as evidence”.   
“ I know all of this Miranda”, he said in a rather dramatic tone.   “ However, I am going to 
petition them to over turn it.  
“ Come on Charles, she suddenly said as she stood up from her chair.   “ We both know 
that this type could of been fabricated and it’s sole purpose is for  incriminating my 
“ Look Miranda, I do not have to share any of what I am going to tell you right now”, he 
stated in a more mellower voice.   “ I listened to the tape”.   “I am not sure if you ever did 
or not”.  He added, “But I will give you a piece of advice”.  “ My job is to seek the truth and 
prosecute those responsible that is what I get paid to do.   “ Your job is to prove me 
wrong, so good luck with that he stated! “ Oh and before I go do you know why Jackson 
Martin wants to meet.  Miranda stayed quiet for a moment and then answered him,  “Ah, I can’t 
say that I do, she stated in a rather defensive manner”.    


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