New Excerpt for my novel..

The room was pitched dark, and you could hear the phone ringing very loudly.   
However, there was no answer that night of May 27, 2009 at the Carlyle residence.    
This is when the neighbor retired Nurse  Agatha Lane called the authorities.   Ms. Lane 
lived alone and never married and took a liking to the Carlyle’s.  Sadie and Ms. Lane  
became instant friends and she also extended her help to them when they needed care 
for their daughter.  In her frantic call she just said she had heard a gunshot and believed 
some intruders had broken into the home.  This is when the authorities were alerted and 
they went straight to the scene of the crime.  The large Mansion  was located in North 
Raleigh.  This was a very private and secluded area.  Both  Dante and Sadie  were part 
of a very wealthy class with both of them belonging to families that had inherited 
millions.  Dante’s father Douglas was a very wealthy financial investor in the North 
Carolina area , and his mother Dorotea a very well known Art Dealer. 
In Sadie’s side of the family  her father Jackson Martin was a successful criminal 
defense attorney for the state of Georgia in the city of Atlanta.  As for Sadie’s mother  
Lila Claire  Reece Martin came into money due to her late great grandfather.   He was 
heir to a rich royal family back in his native Romania and had always been fond of Lila.    
The authorities made their way into the house late that night and  all appeared very 
quiet.  The two officers on the case were Lt. Michael Phillips and officer Enrique Nunez.    
They both  had been on the force for over 10 years and were still not prepared for what they 
The time has come for you to break free of this torture”.   
     Then they began to hear some noises.    This is when officer Nunez called out to his partner. 
“ Hey Phillips called  Nunez.   “ What is it Nunez”.  He said loudly.
“ Your going to want to see this “  He said anxiously.   As Phillips headed to the back 
room where he heard his partner call him, he heard a loud cry.
oh oh oh, noooooooooo”! said a very distressed woman. 
As Nunez came into one of the bedrooms he saw his partner Phillips calling the 
paramedics.   “ Yes 911 emergency, this is officer John Nunez here with fellow officer
Lt. Michael Phillips ,  gunshots were reported by a neighbor and we found one 
dead body with multiple bullet wounds, and there is also a female severely beaten but is  
responding by slowly opening her eyes.   As Nunez continued to give the account of what they 
had uncovered, Phillips was trying to  aid the woman who was severely beaten.  One of the first 
things he noticed was that she appeared very  distressed.   He then tried to calm her down by 
stating, “ Now Ms. do not be afraid, it is all going to be okay now.  He tried to reassure her as she 
began to go into a deep panic and then  began crying hysterically.    Then,  as both officers 
waited for the paramedics to arrive, Sgt. Phillips called the forensic team.   
Then,  Nunez made sure he had gone   all over the house, to make sure that they both had not 
missed anything.  Then, he   overheard a sound coming out of one of the back rooms.  “ Hey 
Phillips, he said in a sterned tone.  “ Yes Nunez what is it?   Said Phillips as he continued to 
comfort the distresses woman.   I am hearing some noise in one of the upstairs rooms, I am going 
to go and check it out.   “ Okay Nunez, answered Phillips, “ Be careful and let me know what 
you find.”   “ Will do, he said.   Then he immediately rushed over to the back room with his gun 
in his hand.  He was just about to kick the door down when he overheard a cry ( just like that of a 
child.   There inside wrapped in a blanket was a little  girl.    He noticed she was sound asleep, 
but noticed her little face all red.  The toddler was about 2-3 years old.   She seemed fine, but as 
he carried her, she trembled and he could only imagine she was very frightened.   “ Hey Phillips, 
he said as he carried her down the stairs, “ I found this little girl up in the closet”.  “ Oh man she 
must be frightened”.   Just then the paramedics arrived.  “ The woman is with Sgt Phillips and I 
just found this one in the closet he said as he handed the young child to them.  “ Okay we will 
examine her said one of the paramedics.  
   Shortly, after the forensic team arrived, ready to gather the information to begin solving this 
“ Okay now Ms.  I want  you to listen to me said one of  the paramedics we are here to take you 
to the hospital and make you better.  
 “ Hospital no, I can’t where is my daughter no no she said in a very emotional 
Calm down mam, said one of the paramedics.  “ your daughter is fine.   She is being 
checked out to make sure she is okay.  “ Please call my mother and 
father they must protect her she cried loudly.  Then her mind began to wonder, 
This dark path I walk alone always in torture because of the reminders of the 
past.   Oh will I ever be able to break the chains?
Meanwhile, the forensic team was gathering the evidence at the scene of the crime.   Then  they 
placed the woman in a gurny and took her into an ambulance.  “ oh man said one of the 
guys.  “ It appears like she is a pretty bad shape.   Sadie Martin Carlyle was covered in 
bruises, and it was acknowledged by both Officers as well as the forensic team that it 
was a domestic violence dispute and that Dante was shot by a 9 millimeter gun.   As the 
ambulance drove Sadie  who was now asleep due to a mild sedative, began to see 
images come to life. 
  “ Sadie what are you doing” please don’t!  , yelled a man’s voice. Then a 
    gunshot was heard!
Oh! no! no! no!she thought in her mind.  No! no no! 
“ You need to leave us alone” said Sadie
You will not hurt Keyla like you hurt me you monster” she said 
hysterically” .
 Meanwhile back  at the Carlyle residence, the body was taken to be examined.  Both 
Officer Nunez and Lt. Phillips gave the account of what they found.  
“ So what happens now don’t we need to go and ask  Ms. Carlyle what is it that exactly 
happened?  asked Lt. Phillips.
“Well”, first we need to wait for the forensic results and then we will take it from there”, said 
Detective Nadia Scalia.   “Once we determine how this all came into play we will then go 
and speak to Sadie Martin Carlyle.   “In the mean time, I am going to find out the full 
extend of the injuries” she sustained.   Nadia Scalia was a forensic detective who had 
been in law enforcement for about 15 years now, and she was as tough as they came.   
She needed to be sure that everything had been scoped out completely and did not 
want to have missed something on this  case.  
    The emergency room was packed and filled at Raleigh General that evening.  You 
could see  the waiting room full of different people that needed to be seen.   There were 
many Doctors as well as nurses on that night.   This was nothing new for Detective 
Scalia, she had been to more than her fair share of  hospitals and had to take her share of the 
criticism for going so far as to baggering hospital staff to get to the real story.   She
knew it was not going to be a walk in the park.   However, she needed to find out what 
led to the events that occurred at the Carlyle residence that left one man dead, a baby 
hidden way in a closet and  a woman nearly beaten to death.  


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